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Dawn's Journey

     Hi, I am Dawn and I found out last year on May 29th that i was in my late stage 3 of kidney Disease. In the beginning it was very hard to take in. Alot of questions went to thru my mind like (Why Me) or how long do i have?? Well it has been alot of learning and alot of changes in my life style now that i am fighting to keep my kidneys going for as long as i can.

    I did find out how my kidneys were damaged, when i was pregant 16 yrs ago, I was very sick and had Preclampcia and Toxicemia/Hypertenion. With that both of my kidneys were damaged at that point of time. It truly bothers me that it took 16 yrs to find out, i think that was the hardest thing to overcome, we may have been able to control the disease better and could still be at stage 1or2 if they would have found the disease right away. As of today i see my Renal Doctor on a routine schedule and am getting labs done all the time. So as of right now i am stable and trying to stay strong. Yes i do have bad days of course, with Fatigue,swelling/Demia,severe back pain at times, and depression. I am going to fight this all the way to the end. I pray for myself and for all the people out there going thru this terrible Disease.

     I am married to a wonderful husband of 18 yrs and we have one wonderful son. I love to do photography on the side. Otherwise i work as a CNA doing home health. I love my job. But i have noticed recently that fatigue is hitting me hard when i get done with work, and then i don't have any energy to do anything else.
I am also spreading the word and Awareness on my page to let people know about this terrible Disease. I also share others that also have CKD or PKD, to help spread the word.. God Bless us all.

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